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#HolaGiancola: What We Did In November

HolaGiancola: What We Did In November

Why hello there! Remember me? Your buddy, pal, weird friend who eats a lot of chocolate? Ringing any bells? Well, I just popped in to let you know that your theory was in fact correct- I HAVE been living under a rock the last months, or rather a stack of wedding magazines. But all this time away from you hasn’t been for nothing! Today I’ll give you the inside scoop on what the heck I’ve been doing and where we’re at on this whole planning a wedding thing.

HolaGiancola: What We Did In November

First things first, we picked a date- Fall 2016, baby! WOOP!!! After that we booked our venue, planner, photographer, picked our wedding party, made a guest list AND if you can believe it, I even said yes to a wedding dress! Told you I’ve been busy. Our venue is less than 30 minutes from where we both grew up. (Wait, have I told you Nick and I grew up down the street from one another?) It’s a beautiful hidden gem in the mountains that feels like it was made for us. There are separate areas for the ceremony, reception and dance party so it feels like three different venues all wrapped into one. It’s perfect. The dress too, is perfect! Totally different than what I had pictured myself wearing, but when I put it on, I knew it was the one. Being a bit of a nervous Nelly, I was worried I wouldn’t have that moment. But I did and it was really magical, and quite teary. Cheese overload, sorry. But it’s a wedding, people!

HolaGiancola: What We Did In November

As we’ve started to assemble our kick-ass wedding team, the overall design aesthetic is coming together. We are currently working on creating the invitation suite and website. By we, I mean Nick. I’m really just the creative director. (AKA Best job ever) To sum up our wedding style in a few random words, think- natural, colorful, mid century modern, floral, bright, rustic and awesome. Emphasis on awesome. Things I’d like to check off the list before the end of the year are take engagement photos, book our wedding night accommodations, reserve a block of rooms for out of towners, finish our website and order our save the dates. BOOM! So besides all the planning mumbo jumbo, how are we, the couple doing?

HolaGiancola: What We Did In November

Nick and I are better than ever! I’m having a blast undertaking such a huge creative project and Nick’s having a blast...watching me do it. We’re a good balance like that and it helps that we agree on almost everything. Except table settings. Random, right? In general I can’t seem to focus on much else besides the wedding. Last week I found myself telling the Trader Joe’s cashier about my bridal appointment. Awkward. I’m just so excited about all of it! The wedding, the future, being Nick’s wife! The only difficulty really is planning something so huge and wonderful, so far in advance. There have already been moments where I’ve suggested we elope. But we’re in it now, baby! And it’s going to be awesome.

HolaGiancola: What We Did In November P.S. Thanks to my bridesmaid Jodi for the pretty pics!

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