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DIY Citrus Slice Frisbees

DIY Citrus Slice Frisbees- Paint the Gown Red

Good Morning friends! Hope you had a great weekend! We got to spend a good chunk of it lounging at the beach. The weather was wonderful! Sunny and hot. So hot that we could only play on the sand for a few minutes before jumping into the water to cool off. I brought along my newest beach toy to test out and I’m pretty sure it turned a few heads. World, say hello to my fave new creation- Citrus Slice Frisbees! These cuties take maybe 5 minutes to make but are sure to provide hours of fun in the sun. So grab your swimsuit, towel and SPF, and meet me at the beach for some killer frisbeeing, dude!

DIY Citrus Slice Frisbees- Paint the Gown Red


  • Solid Color Red, Orange, Yellow & Green Frisbees (I used these)
  • White Outdoor Adhesive Vinyl
  • Die-Cut Machine or Scissors


Gather materials. Using a die-cut machine or scissors, cut out 24 perfect triangles each side measuring 3” from white adhesive vinyl. Carefully place 6 triangles onto each frisbee, leaving space between triangles. Grab a friend, head to the beach and enjoy!

DIY Citrus Slice Frisbees- Paint the Gown Red

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