Hi, I’m Jamie

A vintage loving maker with a total sweet tooth. I wear lipstick, patterns, costumes and a whole lotta hats. I like to do one too many things at all times, and share the results right here. Stay, and you’ll see recipes, personal style, DIYs, and more. Sound good? Hooray! I’m so happy you’re here!

About Me

Bringing The Outside In

Whenever I come back from a trip spent mostly outdoors I go through a little withdrawal period. I miss drinking coffee on the porch staring out at the world. Watching birds fly between trees as the sun rises over the mountains. Being surrounded by nature, the smell, sound and feel of it. It’s beautiful and calm. Coming home to the city, even though we live in a pretty spot by the beach, is just not the same. I’ve always preferred mountains to beach. Grass is always greener. Whenever I feel like this, I’m inspired to find ways to fix it. The solution: bring the outside in. I’m very proud of our two houseplants that I’ve managed to keep alive for a few months now, but our home still feels like it’s missing something. Maybe a Philodendron hanging from the bookcase, a small succulent garden on the vanity or a vertical herb garden in the kitchen. All of these spaces are so full of texture and life! I want that. I think I can handle a few more plants. What do you think?

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