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DIY Beach Ball Coasters

DIY Beach Ball Coasters- Paint the Gown Red

Hello, hello! How’s everyone’s week going so far? Mine’s ok. Still can’t shake this cold. It’s like trying to keep a beach ball under water! But I keep cooking up fun things to stay positive. Last night I made myself a cake. You can’t feel down when there’s cake around! Today I made something that’ll last much longer than chocolate. Introducing, DIY beach ball coasters! How cute are these? Too cute, if you ask me. Can’t help but smile between sniffly sips of Chamomile. Ready? Let’s play beach ball!

DIY Beach Ball Coasters- Paint the Gown Red


  • 4 Cork Coasters
  • White Adhesive Vinyl
  • Red Adhesive Vinyl
  • Yellow Adhesive Vinyl
  • Blue Adhesive Vinyl
  • Die-Cut Machine or Scissors


Gather materials. Trace coasters and cut out 4 circles from the white vinyl. Attach vinyl circles to cork. Using a die-cut machine or scissors, cut out 4 diamond shapes from the red, yellow and blue vinyl. Attach diamonds to cork leaving an equal amount of white space between each color. Cut out 4 1/2-inch circles from the white vinyl. Attach small circles to the cork at the point where the diamonds meet. Trim the excess vinyl. Enjoy!

DIY Beach Ball Coasters- Paint the Gown Red

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