Hi, I’m Jamie

A vintage loving maker with a total sweet tooth. I wear lipstick, patterns, costumes and a whole lotta hats. I like to do one too many things at all times, and share the results right here. Stay, and you’ll see recipes, personal style, DIYs, and more. Sound good? Hooray! I’m so happy you’re here!

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Day Dress Wishlist

Day Dress Wishlist- Paint the Gown Red

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Lately I’ve been feeling like I have a serious lack of day dresses. The key to a daytime dress is comfort. I have many beautiful fit and flare dresses, but they’re not exactly comfortable. I wouldn't want to wear them in 100 degree weather. I wouldn’t craft in them. And it’s pretty much physically impossible to drink beer in them. They’re all very structured with fabric that provides absolutely no stretch. So I’m really trying to branch out. These dresses seem to fit the bill- cotton, lightweight, casual, machine washable. Man am I tired of having to dry clean or iron everything I own! So my next purchase is going to be one of these. Now to decide which one. Which would you choose?

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