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DIY Bacon Koozies

Today I've cooked up a DIY that I’m pretty stoked about as it combines two of my favorite things. Introducing, Bacon Koozies! Because beer and bacon belong together! With Father’s Day fast approaching there’s no better time to try these than now. Whether your dad’s a big meat eater or just a little quirky, he’s sure to love this fun handmade gift. If you’re feeling extra crafty, you could throw in a few egg coasters. Both DIY felt projects are quick and easy and sure to bring a smile to dad’s face. Hooray!

DIY Bacon Koozies- Paint the Gown Red


  • Dark Red Felt
  • Tan Felt
  • Scissors
  • Hot Glue Gun
  • Velcro


Gather Materials. Cut out three wavy 2.5-inch thick slices of bacon out of the dark red felt. Cut out six ½ inch thin wavy strips of fat (ew!) out of the tan felt. Starting from one end and working in small sections, glue two tan strips to each bacon slice. Figure out what you want your koozie to fit, can, bottle, tumbler, coffee mug, and measure circumference. Trim bacon slice to fit. Attach velcro to each side of koozie. Gift and enjoy!

DIY Bacon Koozies- Paint the Gown Red

P.S. Give me all the bacon and eggs you have.

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