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A vintage loving maker with a total sweet tooth. I wear lipstick, patterns, costumes and a whole lotta hats. I like to do one too many things at all times, and share the results right here. Stay, and you’ll see recipes, personal style, DIYs, and more. Sound good? Hooray! I’m so happy you’re here!

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Tropical Wishlist

Tropical Wishlist- Paint the Gown Red

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The weather is heating up over here and I am not prepared. I mainly packed boots and pants for this trip thinking it’d be cold. My mother also warned me that “people don’t wear dresses in the city.” Imagine my shock when I saw everyone in flip flops and sundresses! Gasp!! Silly Jamie. At least I don’t have to wear a suit. I vowed to never take a job where I had to wear a suit. So as I sit here sweating in my pants and sneaks, I can’t help but daydream about these lightweight tropical pieces. It seems wrong to be in this kind of heat and not be on a beach sipping margaritas. I might just have to ditch the office and head to Coney Island today. Who's with me?

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