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DIY Avocado Easter Eggs

DIY Avocado Easter Eggs- Paint the Gown Red

California is famous for it’s avocados. We put ‘em on everything. We even have festivals dedicated to the savory fruit. Basically, we’re obsessed. But not everyone is so lucky. I remember going to a Subway on the East Coast as a child and asking for avocado on my sub and the employee looked at me perplexed and asked, what’s an avocado? I pray this is not the case anymore and that all of you have tasted the glory that is guacamole. Today’s DIY is for the avobsessed. Those of us who love avocados so much, we believe they need to be included in our Easter festivities. Introducing, avocado Easter eggs! Because, YUM!


  • Eggs (that have been hollowed out)
  • Craft Paint
  • Paintbrush


Gather materials. Paint half of egg a light yellow/green for the avocado flesh. Let dry. Paint the other half of your egg a dark green which will be the avocado's skin. Let dry. In the lower half of your avocado's flesh, paint a brown circle to be the avocado's pit. Let dry completely. If needed, paint a second coat. Enjoy!

DIY Avocado Easter Eggs- Paint the Gown Red

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