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DIY Gold Dot Cake Stand

DIY Gold Dot Cake Stand - Paint the Gown Red

Cake stands are one of my favorite things. Makes sense, they display cake. They come in many different forms; gass, porcelain, ornate, solid. But there’s one characteristic you can almost always count on, color. There’s a cake stand rainbow out there and if I could, I’d buy them all. Unfortunately, cake stands are pricey. So I have a few colorful solid stands that I rotate through. I love my stands, but they get old. So I decided to transform them. Today’s DIY shows you an easy way add a little pizzaz your everyday cake stand using adhesive gold vinyl dots. Keep the dots on as long as you’d like and simply remove them when you’re done. It’s that easy. And because I’m always thinking about the holidays, this mint and gold stand would display a St. Patrick’s Day cake quite nicely. Don’t ya think?

DIY Gold Dot Cake Stand - Paint the Gown Red


  • Gold Adhesive Vinyl
  • Die-cut Machine
  • Cake Stand (I used this one)


Using your die-cut machine, cut out 3 sizes of dots onto your gold vinyl. Use a damp cloth to remove any dust from your cake stand. Dry stand. Carefully peel and stick dots onto your cake stand. Start at the bottom and arrange dots largest to smallest, dense to sparse. Add dots to the lip. Top with cake. Enjoy!

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