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DIY Beach Ball Pumpkins

This SoCal heat wave is unreal. It’s been hotter the last two weeks then it was all summer, and yet pumpkins are popping up in grocery stores! Pumpkins!!! It’s technically fall, but it feels like summer. So I decided to craft a DIY appropriate for this very confusing time in life. I bring you… beach ball pumpkins! These no-carve pumpkins are perfect for those summer loving peeps who refuse to see the season end. Whether you prefer a brighter fall color pallet, love the beach, or just wanna break the rules these pumpkin beach balls are for you. It's true. Alright, lets do this!


  • Pumpkins
  • Red, Yellow, Blue and White Paint
  • Paintbrush


Gather Materials. Remove stickers and wipe pumpkin surface clean. Paint entire pumpkin white. Let dry. Paint red, white and blue beach ball portions. Let those dry. Paint white circle at top and bottom of pumpkin. Repeat process with as many layers as necessary to cover. Let paint dry completely. Decorate your home with pumpkin beach balls! Yay!

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